Society’s Song

As I sing my song out loud
She watches me from across the room
Wishing I wouldn’t sing so loud
I sing of an easier time
With all I do
I sing of an easier time for me and you
But she wishes I wouldn’t sing so loud
I start to hum all that I could have sung
But yet again, her eyes meet me
She wishes I didn’t hum so loud.
I only hum of songs that free my soul
In a wish to sing, to educate, but still,
She wishes I hummed more quietly
I use my finger tips to drum my song
But yet again I drummed to loud
This time I drummed a beat
Her head was under my feet.

Now if only society knew what she did to her own
She would not leave her children singing alone
She has eyes of billion but sees nothing
Hearts that beat and love not felt
Who is she and who are we
To listen to the silent song she wants to play.


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