I slept with a cockroach


I slept like a baby till 3am

Awake I laid wondering

What’s that noise?

The heat was not an issue till this point

Even at this point bearable

I couldn’t get rid of this feeling

Something wasn’t right

This bed doesn’t feel like it used to

New sheets and doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to

I won’t give up on this bed yet

It’s ok to say am lazy at 3am

Water bottle to far to reach

Swallow spit and roll over

These dreams I fabricate for real ones to materialise

One sheep two sheep pink sheep three

Crack of dawn, I let out a yawn

Something still ain’t right

But I made it right?

30 degrees no fan and I made it.

Feet down

Slippers on

Robe on

Same routine every day since I got here

Sip some water

Lift my sheets


Lift my sheets

A big fat cockroach

Well I’ll be damed

I spent the night with a cockroach

Staring at this creature

We’ve shared so much together

Yet, so little

I wouldn’t be wrong if I was attached to this critter

But what the hell I slept with a cockroach

How would I tell my friends

I won’t tell my friends

How intrusive and unforgivably selfishly you disturbed my night.

I tried to kill you with all the knowledge in my room

The Gods are not to blame


borderline personality disorder

Things fall apart

You were strong and I just kept missing

Just like that he scurried out of sight

Im sure it’s a he because he acted like a bitch

Enjoyed the warmth and safety I had to offer

With nothing to give

But violation and disappointment

I never did see him again


If I ever learnt anything in life

“Always check your sheets before you sleep”

You can not guarantee what will come in, but you can guarantee what you let in.


X Fizzy X


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