I Have Been Silenced

Ive been silenced
No longer allowed to say what I feel
The things I long to say
feelings get in the way
And that’s bad
Insert eye roll here
just so that I don’t pierce you with these words slice you with my tongue
jab, left hook, right hook
with my thoughts
Knock your lights out
And just like that you might catch a feeling
Not one that you expected
Not one that I wanted
But guilty is your conscious
Guilty im feeling
For making you guilty
For something I entered to so freely
So much to hear in that space
And so much can be felt in this place
You prefer silence
For fear, too much will be said at once
With not one right word to say
And the truth doesn’t matter
If it’s not right its silence
One can suffer in silence
Die in silence
Most hearts break in silence
The truth is light of appreciation and welcomed with triumph even in the darkest hour
And you may not understand this yet
Hearts break in silence
Words can heal and words can destroy
(Yeah you know)
Silence the silent killer that creeps thickening the air
suffocated till last breath
No evidence on sight
Just silence


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