Let me celebrate you.

Let me celebrate you.

I love your eyes,
Sweet almonds that light up your face.
Yet you look at me with hinted malice
But sister your eyes are just like mine.
Let me celebrate you.

Your hair is long and thick
Under that wig I know
And Im in awe at your creative versatility,
Yet You’ll rather use your locks to tie a noose over my baby hairs.

Let me celebrate you.

Your skin as smooth as silk but richer than ebony,
You hold not a pimple on site.
Yet you unfairly point out every freckle on my fairly fair skin, now that’s not fair.

Let me celebrate you.

Your teeth, so white and straight in line
No kind of regiment could compete.
Yet they stampede whilst your tongue places orders on breaking my smile with
Degenerating words.

Let me celebrate you.

I love your sass its vibrant
And sometimes you’re funny
Unless the jokes on me.
Whilst you ridicule my confidence,
I must think I’m too nice
So break me once or twice
That will do the trick.

Let me celebrate you.

Your chest of life, nourishment of life , comfort of life, attracted to life.
All of that…yet you knock my behind,distort my minds physique.
Why? Why can’t you just celebrate me?

I look in the mirror I don’t see you.
I see me.
Do you see me?
So what? mine are a little bigger,
I love mine but I love yours too.
I wish my hair would grow like yours
Yet I love my short fro and laid edges.
Didn’t you know you’re not black but brown just like me, and the wealth in the melanin you posses is desirable.

The gap in my smile signifies no gap in my heart I’m complete and ready to love.
Im confident, not always and in times of weakness I look to you my sister to push me forward.

Why are you building more walls to climb to our victory?
We are one in the same.
Because when I win you win,
When you win I win.
Where are you celebrating me? Celebrating us?
Whilst I wait let me celebrate you.

Fizzy x

To all my girls! I love you may we continue to celebrate everyday!


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