Society’s Song

Society’s Song


No Title 

A friendship that breaks boundaries

But doesn’t break

I hopefully look forward

As the sun rises on this

Long nights significantly shorter

With your presence, I don’t mind

Because your mind keeps me up thinking

Attitudes I held so dear

With your tongue you pull apart

The jewels that you see through

Like true Gems nothing is perfect

We are equally yoked

But sometimes you get salty

And I can be a bit to spicy

You see,

I love that you’re enlightened

Yet I don’t agree with everything you see

As it stands you don’t know what could be

For there is comfort in not knowing

Let’s not ruin it with bed sheets

That quickly turn to bad shit

Lets wait

I’ll wait

While you wait on me

With encouraging words

Funny ways

Making me laugh when I needed it most

You didn’t even know

Not like the others

I reckon you’re hard to get

And because of my experiences

Im hard to get

You don’t play on my weakness

Nor Feed into insecurities

You ignore every bad word

Reminding me that what is spoken comes to life

We work on words

Whilst enjoying life

Building this energy

You felt my energy

Like a Lion

Like a man you physically stand

Feet firm and rooted

Your mane absorbing the Suns ray

I imagine this

Me protected by your shade

When the sun rises

There’s no hiding from the heat.

Hold me

Your arms embrace
And smell of strentgh
Between your pits
Send kisses to my lips
You pull in now
And I feel safe now
You step back lift my head
Looking into the windows of my soul
Love lives here
Tending to eternal rivers,
that flow and run
Watering feeding growing cleaning renewing unconditional source of love
She sees you looking
Loves heart skips
Not always smart
But Love is brave
She moves in peering
Welcoming your intrusion
In the hurry to go back
she tripped and fell
Vulnerable and bruised
She never did say what she saw
What made her run?
What made her fall?
River over flowing
Still wanting to share some with you
Yeah love is like that
Not today love
Not now
I close my eyes to hold back the flood
Feeling Naked beyond my skin
Hold me
Your embrace provides me shelter
A tall frame and a head as a roof
Protect me from this rain
It’s coming
I feel it in my knees
Hold me
Where love couldn’t go
Take me
Take me
Maybe be your love will let us in
Maybe love could help you find your oasis
Help you build your oasis
Maybe your love could hold love
Like you hold me
Until then
Hold me

These Damn feelings

I won’t forget this
Always here, with me
This feeling
Does it have to be
Always about feelings
That’s all I know
Things that are so real
But never there, cease to exist
But so real when they hit
Makes no sense
I know

Here I go again
Talking about these damn feelings
Like I wouldn’t live if I didn’t feel
help me from these feelings
Save me from these thoughts
When life gets you down
You have to acknowledge it
Face it
Don’t run from it
And let it go
That’s what they say
Be passionate
But not attached
Those same feelings will ruin you

Without this I can’t smile
Every time you ask what’s up
Would tell you everything’s cool
Laugh at the expensive of life
This keeps me
Keeps the way no one else can
The way you can’t

So let me be free
This voice is not heard, but heard
Let me be, let me feel
Let me be
Let me get over this

Giants were babies once 

There is nothing perfect about this but everything

Embrace it hold it dear

Every quirk

And love it dear

Yourself can’t be replaced

Misplaced only to be found

Amongst random words and thoughts

What you speak came from mind to be

So be truth , be light,  be bright, be peace kindness and all things great

Baby steps now?

Even Giants were babies once

Enjoy every stride

Because mind over matter

Soft Tongue over sword

Be love be you be perfect

Your perfect

Full stop

Note from the author

I posted this again with some changes.

I just want anyone reading this (thank you) that there will be times where you feel, inferior and incapable but you’ve got to believe in yourself especially when others don’t. When you’ve been hurt and your not even sure why and you start to doubt and feel  negative towards yourself know this you are beautiful and you don’t need nobody to tell you that, if anybody does tell them you know this already. Happiness lies within you , you’ve probably heard it before but listen because it’s true. And no it’s not easy in the worst times, aknowledge it, cry, scream , shout and move on. Baby steps baby because even Giants were babies once.

Fizzy x

Giants were babies once 

There is nothing perfect about this but everything 

Embrace it hold it dear 

Every quirk 

And love it dear 

Yourself can’t be replaced

Misplaced only to be found 

Amongst random words and thoughts 

What you speak came from mind to be

So be truth be light, be bright, be peace, kindness and all things great 

Baby steps now?

Even Giants were babies once 
Enjoy every stride

Because mind over matter 

Soft Tongue over sword 

Be love be you be perfect. 

Your perfect 

I Have Been Silenced

Ive been silenced
No longer allowed to say what I feel
The things I long to say
feelings get in the way
And that’s bad
Insert eye roll here
just so that I don’t pierce you with these words slice you with my tongue
jab, left hook, right hook
with my thoughts
Knock your lights out
And just like that you might catch a feeling
Not one that you expected
Not one that I wanted
But guilty is your conscious
Guilty im feeling
For making you guilty
For something I entered to so freely
So much to hear in that space
And so much can be felt in this place
You prefer silence
For fear, too much will be said at once
With not one right word to say
And the truth doesn’t matter
If it’s not right its silence
One can suffer in silence
Die in silence
Most hearts break in silence
The truth is light of appreciation and welcomed with triumph even in the darkest hour
And you may not understand this yet
Hearts break in silence
Words can heal and words can destroy
(Yeah you know)
Silence the silent killer that creeps thickening the air
suffocated till last breath
No evidence on sight
Just silence

I slept with a cockroach


I slept like a baby till 3am

Awake I laid wondering

What’s that noise?

The heat was not an issue till this point

Even at this point bearable

I couldn’t get rid of this feeling

Something wasn’t right

This bed doesn’t feel like it used to

New sheets and doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to

I won’t give up on this bed yet

It’s ok to say am lazy at 3am

Water bottle to far to reach

Swallow spit and roll over

These dreams I fabricate for real ones to materialise

One sheep two sheep pink sheep three

Crack of dawn, I let out a yawn

Something still ain’t right

But I made it right?

30 degrees no fan and I made it.

Feet down

Slippers on

Robe on

Same routine every day since I got here

Sip some water

Lift my sheets


Lift my sheets

A big fat cockroach

Well I’ll be damed

I spent the night with a cockroach

Staring at this creature

We’ve shared so much together

Yet, so little

I wouldn’t be wrong if I was attached to this critter

But what the hell I slept with a cockroach

How would I tell my friends

I won’t tell my friends

How intrusive and unforgivably selfishly you disturbed my night.

I tried to kill you with all the knowledge in my room

The Gods are not to blame


borderline personality disorder

Things fall apart

You were strong and I just kept missing

Just like that he scurried out of sight

Im sure it’s a he because he acted like a bitch

Enjoyed the warmth and safety I had to offer

With nothing to give

But violation and disappointment

I never did see him again


If I ever learnt anything in life

“Always check your sheets before you sleep”

You can not guarantee what will come in, but you can guarantee what you let in.


X Fizzy X

Step in the dark GE2015

Positivity breeds light 

And when it’s dark 

The tiniest light conquers the dark

It’s hard when it’s blue 

So conservatively they will try

To hold you down 

But no matter the colour

You will shine 

We will shine

The race for the cheque 

May make you think twice about your race

When you’re  sick there may be no pill 

In reach 

This fate is ill 

We are the cure 

Social injustice a disease 

Cured by the book

The same book that’s so hard to reach

9 grand –iose men or more

Couldn’t hold you back 

Don’t hesitate to step

Just because it’s dark         

Doesn’t mean your blind